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Meraki Medi is one of the first genuine dealers of Murad in Vietnam. We are always proud of genuine premium products, professional services and thousands of successful dermatological treatments over the past 5 years.


Why choose Murad?

Murad is guaranteed to bring out the best in your skin because only at Murad you can find the combination of cutting-edge scientific achievements and the experience of a Dermatologist to create skin care products that are Highly effective, functional pills and lifestyle improvement programs help people Beautiful – Healthy – Quality.


As a brand of the leading dermatologist in the US – Howard Murad M.D, the products at Murad still maintain the scientific principles of the founder.


Inspired by Total Health philosophy and practical treatment experience for more than 50,000 patients treated at his Institute of Dermatology and Integrative Health in Los-Angeles. His award-winning formulas have helped millions and millions of people solve their skin problems.


With over 50 years of research, Dr. Murad has established the principle that Beauty and Health have an important connection with each other. Thanks to that, he formed the Total Health method to improve every cell in the body, thereby bringing youthfulness to the skin.


Why choose Meraki Medi?


  1. Product quality: of course. Products that come out of genuine products are always “loved like eggs”, cherished from product preservation, packaging, to ensure that the product is always in the best condition when it reaches God. Guaranteed quality results.


  1. Warranty mode: buying genuine products always has the “best standard on earth” warranty. The more famous the product, the better the warranty.


  1. Consulting with the heart: genuine products, always have a team of well-trained experts, capable of advising you, ensuring you have a satisfactory journey. Of course, hand-carried or fake goods never get this. A journey to treat acne or melasma is not simply a single product, but a serious and scientific combination in terms of spirit, nutrition and a product process.


  1. Good profile: Buy genuine, you will have a good resume, of course becoming a vip customer of famous brands always feels more proud than a vip of portable goods. Wouldn’t it be better to walk into a high-end store or spa, with your head held high and be greeted by the staff?


  1. After-sales: To support your skin and health with high results. The company is ready to sponsor you for a skin treatment process at a spa, clinic or clinic. 1 process can have results by 10 days or half a month at home you apply. That’s why it’s essential that after-sales help increase your results. while portable never get this.


  1. Important: skin care and health is a journey. Don’t just rely on 1 or 2 products to use for a lifetime. When the skin changes, the product needs to be re-prescribed. If you have a good and reputable connection with the genuine, you will definitely save a lot of time and budget. because if you start all over again, you have to spend the same amount of money from start to finish. Therefore, the rich always look to the genuine and maybe that is also the reason why, besides the rampant hand-carried, ship-borne, Guangzhou-countries, but genuine always exists in a sustainable way. Because they always serve the wisest customers.


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